Milano, Italy. Fuerteventura, Spain

F**K U 2022


International Contemporary Art exhibition

February, 28th - March, 6th 2022


Concept by Art Curator Erika Gravante graduated in Product Design and Curatorship


To break free.

To spit.

To take your own place into this world.

To not care about collective issues, trends, topics of the year, shape, movements. 


The artists of M.A.D.S Gallery strip themselves of all the structures, they choose new ones, built by and for themselves, they don't care about the likes, of being interesting, of having a following; are masters of their own storytelling. M.A.D.S is inspired by the words of Public Enemy in Fight the power to call creative to show what they know best, themselves:


bum rush the show

you gotta go for what you know

Make everybody see, in order to fight the power that be


The invitation is to hurry up the show, throw yourself into what you know, show it to everyone to fight power. Forced, locked up, protected, forcibly adapted to the context and the system. This is how they want us, educated, and that nobody moves. Fuck Then! We will do what we want, when we want it and how we want it, our art is our answer. The statement of the authors we care about today, artists whose generosity has no limits, who give us part of their soul, to act as a mirror, to dig into memory or even to just enjoy its beauty. Because " beauty will save the world " says Fiodor Dostoevskij in The idiot, but these artists say Fuck it, I'll save myself. Artists have always known this and they will not let the world forget them taught within some emotional enclosure, while everyone seems to be focused on being safe, on limits and boundaries, and protections, the artists say fuck it, it's all bullshit! The artists live in the Hyperuranium, that area beyond the sky where immutable and perfect ideas reside, according to Plato, reachable only by the intellect. And here, we are about to approach the most disillusioned thinker with regard to art that history knows. For Plato, art is a mere imitation of reality, therefore nothing to do with the truth, which we want to talk about today. But we also say fuck to Plato and declare his Hyperuranium as occupied and self-managed at the service of artistic urgency, irrational thinking and the emotional desire to exist. And you can't fuck with Hyperuranium, just as you can't fuck with art. They will scream from balconies, they will paint their neighbors, they will sing until the voice is over. You can’t stop them. They will go on and on until the truth is revealed. This is what art is made of. Truth. And you can’t stop the truth, you can’t be protected enough from the truth, because if you even try, it will hit you so hard you will be barely able to speak and breath.

But if you just say fuck it then, you allow yourself to feel all the feelings.

So lets feel all the feelings and fuck off.